Fable from an Unstable Table


Fable from an Unstable Table s a series of three short plays by Rising Sun Performance Company’s residential playwright, Susan Goodell. It performed on Governor’s Island in August 2019 through Rising Sun Performance Company to two sold out performances. The first play, The Harvest Ball, is about two friends who poison each other to teach each other a lesson. The second, The Babette Survivor’s Club, follows Tom and Jerry, two people who find out they are dating the same woman. The final piece, When Violet Met Watson, depicts Violet’s transformation as she goes through a  series of 17 online dates with different men, all  named Watson. The cast featured Jimmy Berry, Zarra Kaahn, Samantha Quiles & Samyuktha Viswanathan.


You Have To Promise


You Have To Promise is an original play by Audrey Lang that centered around two high school girls, Maeve and Nessa, who decide to come out to their families as a couple. The couple must scramble to find a solution when Nessa's father kicks her out of the house, as Maeve contends with coming out to her own family, now fearing the worst is possible. Rachael worked with Audrey on three workshops of this play from 2017 through 2018, culminating in a final workshop showcase that premiered in New York at Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church in August 2018. YouHaveToPromise.com

The Final Episode: Ardsley High School’s Senior Revue

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The Final Episode was an original musical revue with 26 songs and an original script. Rachael directed 45 high school students through this original production, culminating in a full performance for 350 parents and students. 


The Bald Soprano

The Bald Soprano by Eugene Ionesco was Produced by Ithaca College in October 2016 as Rachael's Undergraduate Senior Directing Project. This production focused on the ways communication fails us by highlighting the absurd division between order and chaos.

Directed by Rachael Langton; Set and costumes by Katie McGeorge; Lighting by Nicholas Palatella; Photos by Samantha Fuller.


Scared of Something

Scared of Something by Audrey Lang is a short play that was accepted into Manhattan Repertory Theatre's 2017 January Short Play Competition. The play focused on the relationship between a teenager and her step mother and raised questions about mental  health and control. The play made it to the final performance of the competition, placing it in the top 6. It was invited back for an encore performance at Manhattan Repertory's Playwright's Showcase. Watch a video of the performance here.

Directed by Rachael Langton; Photos by Rachael Langton.


The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow was produced by Ithaca College Players in 2014. This production played with shadow puppetry and pantomime to illuminate the comedic mystery.

Directed by Rachael Langton; Set and Lights by E-hui Woo; Lights by Evan Hawkins; Photos by E-hui Woo.