The Theatre


The theatre has always been a home to me. Although I spent my entire childhood telling stories and putting on performances, I found my love for directing in college. Through my studies at Ithaca College, I developed this passion and began to use theatre to tell the stories of the world around me. After graduating summa cum laude, I started working with playwrights to develop new work, and to facilitate and produce workshops of their new plays. I am passionate about theatre for social change, and enjoy using theatre as a facet to tell inspiring stories that can change the way people view the world.

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Directing allows us to share stories, and reach an audience through facets we don’t often think about in daily life, such as sound, shape and memory. As a director, I focus on deconstructing a script to its core story elements and creating a world in which actors can tell the playwrights’ stories on stage. I often gravitate towards directing plays that break convention through language or subject-matter in order to challenge our perceptions of reality. Through dance, movement and language, I like to play with our existing assumptions and communicate stories to audiences through multiple senses.

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As a playwright, I focus on being the medium between the world and the theatre. Playwriting allows me taking real life moments and dramatize them on stage. Through language, characters can become multi-dimensional and create daring conflicts filled with tension on stage. I love developing new plays, whether I’m working on a short, twn-minute or long 1-2 act play. I also am passionate about collaborating with other playwrights and providing them with assistance and dramaturgical feedback as they develop their work.

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