About Rachael


I am a theatre director, with a background in marketing and producing in film and theatre. An Ithaca College Graduate with a B.A. in Theatre Studies, I strive to create theatre that connects audiences to the source of a story.

I grew up in Westchester, New York and found my love of theatre when my parents took me to see the Broadway revival of 42nd street right after 9-11. Since then, I’ve been involved in theatre productions in roles ranging from actor to playwright to sound technician. I found my love of directing and playwriting in college, and use my talents in storytelling to listen to communities and create theatrical presentations that inspire audiences to reach out and actively change the way they interact with the world.

As a theatre educator, I strive to teach students how to express themselves and listen to their peers to collaborate and create stories they care about.

In a world of disconnect and miscommunication, it is vital to use the arts to connect people to their world and to each other. Art has this ability because it utilizes different senses that are often overlooked in everyday life. I want my art to harness these senses in order to convey the emotion and story that inspires my art to be created.

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Rachael directs You Have To Promise by Audrey Lang

Rachael discusses You Have To Promise with actor Steph Seiden